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Please note - The indoor pistol range will be closed Friday, January 31st from 10:30AM - 12:00PM and Sunday, February 2nd from 10AM - 12PM.


We're in for an early snow fall/storm, no total amount mentioned yet. Rick, who plows the club, will be out of town all week. If any member has a plow and would be willing to plow the road and lodge parking lot, shoot me a text or call. This would be a one time request. Thank you!

- Joe Kopacz, President


There has been some confusion about the 4-wheeler raffle winners. The winners are:

1st Place - Mike Smith

2nd Place - Scott Gillies

3rd Place - Jimmy Banahan

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all those who purchased tickets.


FYI - All raffle tickets must be turned in on November 26th at the club between 6-8PM.

Also, photos of the archery building can be seen on our Facebook page in the photos here.


WORK DAYS::: There will be two work days on September 28th & 29th. Both days the work party will be from 10:30 am-5:00 pm. This is a good time if your are a new member to work off your eight hours. Work will be done on the upper gun range shooting building.

Upcoming events:

- September 19 - SCOPE meeting in Carlisle - 7PM

- September 20 - DEC qualifying 9:00am-2pm. ALL RANGES CLOSED.

- September 22 - Pistol plate shoot. 11:00am-3:00pm

- September 28 - Trapper safety course 8AM-5PM/ ALL RANGES CLOSED

- September 28 - Work Day - work to be done on upper gun range. 10:30AM-5:00PM

- September 29 - Work Day - work to be done on upper gun range. 10:30AM-5:00PM

- October 1 - Morning Pistol League at 10AM. Runs through March 31st.

- October 6 - Family & Friends - 3:30PM-5:30PM

- October 13 - Pistol Defensive Shoot - 11AM-3PM

For a complete listing of events, please see the 2019 Events Calendar.


Upcoming events:

- August 18th - Silhouette Shoot - 11AM-2PM

- August 25th - Pistol Plate Shoot - 11AM-3PM

- September 1 - Family & Friends - 3:30PM-5:30PM

- September 6 - Hunter Safety Course Part 1 - 5:30PM-9PM

- September 7 - Hunter Safety Course Part 2 - 7:30AM-4PM

- September 8 - Defensive Pistol Shoot - 11AM-3PM

- September 14 - Bow Hunter Safety Course - 7:30AM-4PM

- September 18 - Schoharie County Pistol League Meeting - 7PM

- September 20 - Hunter Safety Course Part 1 - 5:30PM-9PM

- September 21 - Hunter Safety Course Part 2 - 7:30AM-4PM

- September 25 - FWMA Region 4 Meeting - 7PM

- October 7 - SCOPE meeting with Congressman Anthony Delgado - 4:30PM

The Wednesday night pistol leage is still ongoing at 6PM

The Friday night trap shoot is ongoing through the end of September. Round of 25 - 6PM, followed by line shoots.


If you plan on taking the hunter education safety program please read this very carefully. There has been some confusing on signing up online to take the hunter safety programs. First you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANY NEW YORK STATE HUNTER SAFETY COURSES. If you are on a site that states you must pay for the course you are on the wrong site. Follow these directions to get to the DEC hunter safety courses.

1st- Go to the NYS DEC website. In the search box type hunter education. This will take you to the site where you can sign up for the hunter safety, bow hunter safety, trapper course or waterfowl courses. You will also find in the middle of this page the home work requirements, how to print out the pdf homework files (you must bring the homework with you the first day to be admitted to the course.) It will also give you the site for the online manual which will help you answer the homework questions. Then just below that you will find the course registration info. Pick your course and click on it. It will take you to all the courses that are offered. Look for the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club for the dates you want and you will be taken to the registration page and you can sign up. If you just type in Hunter Safety Course in your browser you will be taken to one of the pay courses. If you see anything that requires you to pay, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SITE. Go back to the DEC website and start over. THE HUNTER SAFETY COURSES ARE FREE!!!!!!!

For a complete listing of events, please see the 2019 Events Calendar.


Please note - The plate shoot scheduled for Sunday June 23rd has been cancelled.


Card keys can be updated today, 4/20/19, at 2PM in the archery building.


Our outdoor archery range is in need of a good cleaning. The trees need to be cut back, branches trimmed, and lanes need to be raked. If anyone would like to head up this project, please get in touch with me. Here's a great chance to do your hours and a great service to the club.

Joe Kopacz, President


Upcoming events:

- Hunter & Bow safety courses scheduled for April, check the calendar for dates/times!

- Eddie Eagle gun safety program. Saturday May 4th from 9-11AM in the Clubhouse. It's free and geared towards elementary aged children. Ranges will be closed during this time

- Fishing Derby - Saturday May 18th. Registration starts at 9AM, and the Derby runs from 11-1PM. Prizes for the biggest catches!


Reminder that Club dues are due on January 1st of each year. You have until the March meeting to pay. After the March meeting, you will be charged a penalty fee in addition to the regular dues. If you have still not paid after the June meeting, you will be expelled from the Club. The current dues rate is $65 for single and $85 for family.


A Trapper Education course will be help on March 23rd from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM at the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club. Register at the DEC websigte. Ranges will be closed during this time.


From the desk of the President of the MRGC:

The Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club is proud to sponsor two youths (Ages 11-17) for the upcoming DEC summer camps. Parents/Guardians must visit the DEC website, call 518-402-8014, visit "NYS DEC Summer Camps" on Facebook, or write to: DEC Camps 3rd Fl, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-5256. Register will open Wednesday January 23rd at 10AM. Please contact me if you are going to apply. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED

Don't forget to stop by the Albany Gun Show, Saturday January 26th (9-5PM) and Sunday January 27th (9-3PM). Admission is $7 per person, Seniors $5, and children under 12 FREE. Hope to see you there!

- Joe Kopacz, President, Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club


The Archery building of the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club needs structural repairs, and once more we are asking for the community's support along with members and friends of the Club. If you have enjoyed being a life member of the club for 5 years or longer, I'm asking you for a $100 donation. If you're a life member with less than 5 years, I'm asking for $25. Please note! I am ASKING. Anything is a help. The building is now over 40 years old and although safe and sound for use, I am not going to wait for an issue to present itself where we have to shut the building down. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This will be a $30,000 project and that's why your help is imperative. We all know the programs and community events this building supports for our children and local organziations, so I am humbly asking for your help.

With a great measure of gratitude and thanks - Joe Kopacz President, Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club


Reminder - All gun raffle tickets must be turned in by Thursday, 11/29/18 between 6-8PM


Please note - The rifle range will be closed from Noon until 9PM on Tuesday, October 2nd for DEC qualifications. The previous date was cancelled due to bad weather.



If you have not had your key card updated, you must do it soon. Once we switch to the new system, your card will not work until it is added to the new system. Ted Schreick will be at the Club this weekend. Saturday he will be there helping with the work party - Good time to volunteer and get your eight hours in. He will be there from 9AM until at least Noon. Sunday he will be there from 11AM - 3PM. Ted will be able to update your key card for you then so please make sure to get yours updated.





Any questions or comments regarding the club or the website can be sent to info@middleburghrg.com.