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To all the members and friends of the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club - I once again am asking your support. We are now offering 3 different raffles. Because of the lack of sales due to COVID-19, no ONE raffle has been completely sold out. We will not pick winners until every ticket is sold respectively. Tickets for our ATV wheeler (only 300 changes, sold at $50) and our 4 gun raffle at $10 per chance, plus our MONTH LONG December raffle tickets (at $25 each) are available at the Middleburgh Hardware Store, or by calling me (my # is on our website). Thank you for your continued support of this community connected and active club. We are, and should be proud of this great organization.

- Joe Kopacz, President


Attention: The upper rifle and trap ranges will be closed Monday, July 6th due to work being done on the trap field from 8AM - 5PM.


From the President's desk to the members of the Club. It's time to take care of those who take care of us. For years, the businesses of Middleburgh have supported this Club, none so more than the Middleburgh Hardware Store, Our ATV Raffle wheeler sites in the store on display as I write this. We've all received a stimulus check from Uncle Sam. I'm asking all of you to please spend it locally. We've all been convinced by commercials on TV that big box stores are the way to shop, yet they have no ties to our community. N.A.P.A. is another strong supporter of the Club. Let's do right by these businesses!!! That have done right by us!!! Thank you!!! God Bless All and God Bless America.

- Joe Kopacz, President


There is a plate shoot this Sunday (Father's Day), June 21st. There will be 1 stage of cardboard shoot also. Please be at the shoot no later than 10:30AM. Wear a mask, and keep 6 feet apart when possible.


Attention - There is another work party on Saturday, June 20th starting at 9AM to try and finish the wall in the competition pistol range. Please bring saws and portable drill guns with large star bits.

PLEASE NOTE - The competition pistol range and the rifle range will be closed during this time (9AM until completion)


Well it seems that while we were at home listening to all the government was warning us about the coronavirus...and while we were doing all our government asked of us, to fight the spread of it...Our government did not cease working to infringe even further on our second amendment rights. This Bill...H.R.5717 is now in, the courts (so I've been informed.) I encourage all of you to look it up..read it and contact our (your) Congressman(woman) and tell them to fight against this bill. And preserve the constitution of these United States and our second amendment rights.

Thank you - Joseph J Kopacz, President


From the desk of the VP of the MRGC:

Attention all members: There is a large work party scheduled for this Saturday, June 13th at 9AM. Bring rakes, shovels, screw guns, saws, and paint brushes. All prospective new members will be interviewed between 10AM and 2PM on this day, and can stay and help to get a jump on your hours. All probationary members who joined between January and June of 2019 need to present their documented work hours to Vice President Ted Shreieck by the July meeting, or your access cards will be deactivated. Please rememver to bring and wear your face mask.


Attention Please Note - All ranges will be CLOSED this Saturday, June 13th from 8AM until 4PM due to work parties. No Exceptions!


Please note the following - We have a new email address: mrgclubny@gmail.com. We are looking to increase communcations with our membership. If you want to receive communications via email, then send an email to our new email address (mrgclubny@gmail.com) with your name and we'll include you on our list. We will not sell your email or send you spam.


June 13th @ 9AM - We need volunteers for a work day. We have a few projects and need help to complete them. This is a good time to work off your eight work hours for your new membership. We have two projects, one will be working to build the burms higher on the outdoor pistol range. We also need help staining the archery building. One of our members is brining his sprayer to stain the building. We need help on both of these projects. Ted Schreieck will be doing interviews for the new members waiting to get voted into the club. If you need an interview, please show up and Ted can do your interview, and you can also help with the projects and put in some of your mandatory hours to complete your membership requirements. Please remember this is your club, you need to put effort into it to get enjoyment out of it. Hope to see you there.

June 18th - We will host the SCOPE meeting at MRGC. Please come and find out how you can help support to keeping our second amendment gun rights.

REMINDER - We are now shooting trap on Friday night. If you want to shoot 25's please get there so we can shoot them first at 6:00

REMINDER - The Wednesday night pistol league is going on now through September 30th. The league starts at 5PM.


Attention Pistol Shooters - The Wednesday night outdoor centerfire defensive pistol league will be starting Wednesday, Jun 3rd at 5PM and will run until the end of October. Bring your masks!


Club Cancellations - Once again, due to the COVID-19 virus I am annoucing more cancellations. Our fishing derby has been cancelled until further notice. Also, the 22 shoot inventational has been cancelled until further notice. The 22 silhouette shoot on 5/31 is also cancelled, however the silhoutte shoot on 6/28 is still on at this time. Please keep an eye on the web sites for notices as things change. God bless us, and God bless America.

Joe Kopacz, President


As we stated earlier, we will be having our May meeting on May 21st. If you plan to attend, you must wear a mask or entry will be refused. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. My cell number is on the website. God bless you, God bless America.

- Joe Kopacz


Friday Night Trap - If anyone is interested in shooting trap starting May 29th, please contact me at joemoore@midtel.net. We will have to wear masks, and social distancing but at least we can shoot.


Dear Members - Our regular monthly meeting on 5/7 is cancelled. If Governor Cuomo lifts the restrictions on 5/15, we will have our meeting on 5/21. Bring a mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer if you wish. If he extends the restrictions beyond 5/15, we will render a decision on the meeting at that time.


Please note:

- The Eddie Eagle course scheduled for May 2nd has been cancelled due to the virus.

- The Intergenerational Invitational .22 Shoot on Sunday, June 14th from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM will be held if the virus ban has been lifted. Pleases check the FB and website for any updates or cancellations.


Hello to all the members of the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club. Although our Club has had less activity due to the coronavirus, we are still moving forward. We've purchased a 10x12ft shed for our archery equipment. We've had a 100 Amp service installed in the archery building. We are installed new LED lights in the archery building also. Our 4-wheeler raffer and 3 gun raffles are in full swing (Tickets can be purchased at the Middleburgh Hardware Store). These will improve our indoor pistol range. We are collecting dues at this time, and as soon as the time is right we will have the December raffle up and running also. Our youth fishing derby is still on schedule (Check this site for updates). I hope this overview is sufficient. I hope to see you at the May meeting.

God's blessings and please support our local businesses with your check. They are our neighbors.

Joe Kopacz, President


FYI - All April pistol shoots have been cancelled. Please check this page, the MRGC Facebook page, or the Middleburgh Pistol Shooters Facebook page for updates.


Please note - A question has arisen. Are the ranges open? Yes, all ranges are open to our members. No public events are planned until further notice. Just take precautions and use common sense when using the ranges. Stay safe and protected yourself.


Dear members: Please if you know a small business owner, let them know that the stimulus plan will reimburse a long list of expenses for their business from February to June, 2020. The website is SBA.gov, or google SBA.gov near me. Also, the federal government is making available 10 billion dollars in low interest loans to small businesses. Let's all do our best to keep our community strong. Thank you for passing this information on. God Bless Schoharie county and God Bless America.

Joe Kopacz, President


Upcoming dates for the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club Shoots:

- Sunday shoots start at 11am, be at the range by 10:30 please.

- Pistol steel plate shoots: 5/24/20, 6/21/20, 7/26/20

- Defensive pistol shoots: 5/17/20, 6/7/20, 7/12/20

- Rifle silhouette steel plate (.22LR only): 5/31/20, 6/28/20

- Wednesday night defensive pistol shoots start at 5pm. First shoot is on 5/6/20


From the desk of the President of the MRGC:

To the members of the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club - I am asking, no I am pleading with you to support our local businesses by ordering a take-out order when you can. Our club has been supported by our community over the years, now we as a club have the opportunity to return the favor. We will be receiving a check in the mail soon, please think about putting a small amount aside to enjoy a meal that you don't have to cook or clean up after. These actions on our part will help sustain our community and will help keep our towns, as we love them, connected to all of us. We have over 300 memebers. Imagine the positive impact *you* can have by patronizing our locally owned businesses. And may I emphasize that these are as much "our businesses" as the people who own them. Feel free to tell those wokring, you're a member of the club and that we proudly support them in this trying time. My personal wishes to all of our members for health, peace, and God's blessings.

Joe Kopacz, President


-- Please review the following updates related to the current health issues --

To the members of the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club - The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee have decided to cancel the April meeting taking into account the health and wellbeing of all of us who would attend. Please visit this site often for commens and updates. Thank you.

God Bless us. God Bless America. Joe Kopacz, President.

Due to the Coronavirus health issues, we will no longer be taking applications for new members, or doing interviews until the end of May. At that time we will reassess the sitiation and keep you posted. Sorry for the inconvienience this may cause.

Attention to all those who were planning to take our Hunter Education courses in April:

Due to the Coronavirus and under the advice of DEC, all Spring Hunter Education courses have been cancelled. If you have already signed up, you will get a letter from DEC stating the same. They will keep your info for when the courses reopen. Sorry for the inconvieniencebut we have no control over this matter. Take care and be safe out there.

If anyone would like raffle tickets to sell, please contact Mark Mazzella or one of the MRGC Officers. Click below for more info!


The blackpowder shoot for Sunday, April 5th has been cancelled.


Attention - Please note the following updates on cancellations and postponements:

Due to concerns from everyone's health and well being, the Tuesday pistol shoot and banquet has been cancelled. Hope to see you next year. -Ted

Archery shoot - Due to the concern for everyone's health and well being, the Thursday night get together has been cancelled. Thank you to all who participated this year and hope to see you next year. - Bob

At this time I'm checking with DEC on the status of the Hunter safety and Bow hunter safety courses scheduled for April. I contacted DEC this evening and once I get an update on the courses, I will post on Facebook and our website. If you are signed up for a Hunter safety course and it gets cancelled, you will receive an email.

As more updates come in, I will post them here and on Facebook.



The Schoharie Youth Archery for April 15th has been cancelled.

Due to health concerns over the Coronavirus the youth archery banquet has been cancelled, however trophies will be handed out at the Club on March 28th, 2020 at 11AM to 1PM. The Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club would like to thank all those who participated in the program this year.

Fellow SCOPE members - Due to the County advisories and the potential health risk, we are cancelling the County SCOPE meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 19th. Please be safe and stay health. We will keep you updated with times and dates for future meetings. Thank you

From the desk of the President of the MRGC:

The Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club is once again raffling off a 2020 Polaris 450cc 4x4 A.T.V. All tickets are available at the Middleburgh Hardware Store. Only 300 tickets will be sold at $50.00 each. Due to the Coronavirus situation, the raffle will take place once all tickets are sold. I would like to thank our community for they're continued support. Together we will get through these trying times. Remember stone soup?

Joe Kopacz, President


On March 12th 2020, tickets go on sale at the Middleburgh Hardware Store for a Polaris 450cc 4x4 ATV to benefit the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club's lodge foundation repairs. A total of 300 tickets will be sold at $50.00 each. The drawing will be held at our July meeting, or when all tickets are sold.


There will be a work party this Saturday, 2/29/2020 from 10AM to 2PM. If you need to get your 8 hours of work in, this may be a good time to get some done. The work will be on the indoor pistol range. You will be doing some painting, installing wiring, and working on installing doors. You will also be able to clean the bullet traps so bring gloves, a mask and sieves to scoop out bullets from the sand if you want work on the traps.


Please note - The indoor pistol range will be closed Friday, January 31st from 10:30AM - 12:00PM and Sunday, February 2nd from 10AM - 12PM.





Any questions or comments regarding the club or the website can be sent to mrgclubny@gmail.com.