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The Archery building of the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club needs structural repairs, and once more we are asking for the community's support along with members and friends of the Club. If you have enjoyed being a life member of the club for 5 years or longer, I'm asking you for a $100 donation. If you're a life member with less than 5 years, I'm asking for $25. Please note! I am ASKING. Anything is a help. The building is now over 40 years old and although safe and sound for use, I am not going to wait for an issue to present itself where we have to shut the building down. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This will be a $30,000 project and that's why your help is imperative. We all know the programs and community events this building supports for our children and local organziations, so I am humbly asking for your help.

With a great measure of gratitude and thanks - Joe Kopacz President, Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club


Reminder - All gun raffle tickets must be turned in by Thursday, 11/29/18 between 6-8PM


Please note - The rifle range will be closed from Noon until 9PM on Tuesday, October 2nd for DEC qualifications. The previous date was cancelled due to bad weather.



If you have not had your key card updated, you must do it soon. Once we switch to the new system, your card will not work until it is added to the new system. Ted Schreick will be at the Club this weekend. Saturday he will be there helping with the work party - Good time to volunteer and get your eight hours in. He will be there from 9AM until at least Noon. Sunday he will be there from 11AM - 3PM. Ted will be able to update your key card for you then so please make sure to get yours updated.


From the President of the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club

This past Saturday my Wife broke both sides of her right ankle and will need surgery to mend it. Since I will be her care giver, house cleaner, grounds man, etc, I need the backing of the membership now more than ever to get projects done at the Club. Many of you still need hours to maintain your membership - Please step up! Think of it as a favor to me. I will do my best to fulfill my oblifations to my office and the hunter safety classes. It's the extra time away from home that I must sacrifice. PS - Pastor Pete's chicken BBQ is Friday, a meal from a higher authority. See you there!

Joe Kopacz, President

PSS - Feel free to call, text, or email me any time


Attention Club members with key cards! We are in the process of transferring our old cards into the new system. You will have to bring your old card and ID to have you card transferred into the system. Dan will be at the club on Sunday August 26th from 11:00 - 3:00 for the plate shoot. He will be doing transfers at that time. Remember once the system has been switched if you haven't had your card put into the new system it will NOT work.


Since we've been pounded with rain at the Club and the wood on the buildings is wet and damp, we are postponing the staining of the buildings until further notice to give the wood a chance to dry out. Figures, doesn't it? So, if you're interested in helping out call me so I can put you on the list of who to contact when the time is right. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

- Joe Kopacz, President


Due to the uncertainty of Saturday's weather we will be staining the buildings on Sunday, August 19th starting at 11AM. Remember - Hours for new members must be met, and many hands make light work. We have a shed, pavillion, and the archery building addition to stain. Hope to see you there!

- Joe Kopacz, President


From the President of the MRGC -

I sit here trying to put into words the many memories I have of Ray Zeh. This task has proven monumental. From my experiences with Ray in the Hunter Safety and Bow Hunter Safety classes, to his zeal on subjects at and about the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club. Ray was at the forefront to voice the opposite view presented before the membership, challenging us to defend out of stance and reason. We had our differences but I had the utmost respect for this man, who loved and did his best to preserve the out of doors life here in Schoharie County. I, as well as many others will miss this man, who as a conservationist and instructor of new hunters. I pray my words serve him well.

- Joe Kopacz, President of the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club

There will be a memorial service for Ray Zeh on Saturday, August 25th at the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club. The memorial will be from 1-6PM. Ray was a member of the club and was a hunter safety instructor, and active in conservation in Schoharie.


From the President of the MRGC -

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Al Colby. Every time I met Al, either ar ethe Schoharie Stewarts or out and about, he always greeted me with a laugh and questions about the Club. Al was very involved in the Club years before I joined, yet his interest never waivered. I do not know where and when services will be held, so please look through the paper for this information, as I will. He is remembered well and will be missed.

- Joe Kopacz, President


ATTENTION CLUB MEMBERS - Anyone who works with children in any youth program should take the Accountability work shop. Kim Griener will be giving the workshop at the club before the meeting on October 4th at 6:00 PM. If you would like to take the workshop please be there by 6:00 PM. There is no charge for the course.



We are in the process of implementing a new key card system. In order for the switch over to go as smooth as possible, we need everyone to come down to the club and have your cards put in the new system. We will need the following from everyone:

  • Photo ID
  • Membership Card
  • Your key card
  • There is also a form that you will have to fill out when you get here. The first dates we are doing this is August 18th from 9AM until Noon, and August 19th from 11AM until 1PM. We will have more dates in the future, keep an eye on our Facebook page and the website. We will also do it at every monthly meeting.

    After the switch over, anyone that is not put in the new system will not have access to the club and you will have to come to a meeting or make an appointment to get put in.


    A message from the President -

    The windows in our new archery building addition need to be caulked. I was going to do it, but I figured why not give someone the opportunity to get some hours for their membership responsibility. So, if you are interested give me a call or leave me a message.

    - Joe K, President


    There have been quite a few questions about new members and the need to work off their 8 hour obligation. Ted Scherick has written a small note to help answer your questions. Click here to read it.

    Speaking of work hours, there is a work party this Saturday, June 14th! Help is needed with moving stone on the outdoor pistol range. Please bring rakes and shovels. This is a great time to work off some of your 8 hours if you're a new member. Please be at the club by 9AM.


    The rifle range will be closed at 5PM on Wednesday June 11th in order to accomodate the pistol league shoot. The pistol range is unavailable due to a delivery of stone.


    The Club bylaws changes were voted in at the June meeting. Look here to see the updated Club bylaws.


    New events -

  • Friday night trap shoot is now open, every Friday from 6-10PM. This event is open to the public and runs through the end of September.
  • HELP NEEDED!! - This Sunday, June 10th, there will be the invitational .22 shoot. We need assistant range officers who will help the shooters and assist the RANGE OFFICER in running the range for the shoot. This would be a good time for the new members to work off some of their 8 hour obligation. If you can help, please show up at the club around 1:30PM. Thank you in advance for your help!
  • LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers needed to help stain the buildings this summer. Dates to be determined. If you are a new member, this is another good way to work off your 8 hours obligation. Contact President Joe Kopacz if you're interested at 518-813-7024.
  • As always, check the calendar or the MRGC Facebook Page for the most current info and events.


    The new pistol range behind the meeting room is open for use. The roofing was completed today and the only thing we will be doing in the future is putting down crusher run stone dust to make the range smoother like on the rifle range.

    On the new pistol range, any caliber handgun and rim fire rifles only. (No Center Fire Rifles)

    Special thanks goes to all those that helped put this project together. The Officers, Board of Directors and the Membership for approving this project. Mark Mazzella for bringing this project idea to the club and the spring raffle that helped pay for most of the construction. Ted Schreieck for getting the excavator work, stone, roofing steel and spring raffle help. Jim Cooke for taking on the construction of the cement pad and roof overhang. P. Hall for bringing his machine over to do the drainage ditch and spread all the stone and shale on the range. All members that helped out with the construction, raffle ticket sales and purchases. All those that participated and supported our pistol competition shoots.


    There is a club work day coming up on Saturday, June 2nd at 9:30AM.

    The work day will be for help put a tin roof on the new pistol range pavillion, putting up shevling inside, and to clean up the range so it is ready for use. If you have a 10ft ladder, please bring it with you. If you have a power screwdriver/drill, please bring it with you also. We can provide the bits.

    This would be an excellent time for new members to get in their required 8 hours of work owed to the Club. Hope to see you there!

    If you have any questions, please contact Ted Scheireck at (518) 827-5057.


    Trap shoots are starting up again this Friday, 5/18/18 from 6:30 until 11PM. Please note that all other ranges are closed during this time.


    Announcements -

  • There is a new 10 week Summer Combat Pistol League starting 6/20, every Wednesday from 5:30 until dusk (No shoot on July 4th) and runs through August 29th.
  • There is an NRA Range officer class on Saturday, June 30th starting at 8AM. Cost is $50 for MRGC members, $75 for non-members.
  • Congradulations to the Spring Raffle winners! 1st place, Joe Mazella. 2nd place, Tom Molle. 3rd place, Nick Adams.
  • The second reading of the bylaw changes were read at the last meeting. Voting will be at the June meeting (6/7/18).
  • There is a 4H fishing derby on Sunday, May 13th. A reminder that ALL ranges are closed until 4:30PM.
  • The club wants to give a big Thank You to Kevin Guest for making 6 new picnic tables for his Eagle Scout project.
  • Remember to always check the calendar or the MRGC Facebook Page for the most current info.


    New events -

  • First reading of proposed bylaw changes was at the April meeting. You can view the proposed changes here.
  • All Spring Raffle tickets must be turned in at the Club by April 26th, from 7-9PM
  • Pistol Steel Plate Shoot - May 6th from 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Pistol Combat Shoot - May 20th from 11:00AM - 2:00PM

  • 3/17/18

    REMINDER - If you have Spring raffle tickets, please try to have them all sold by the April meeting. All tickets must be sold by the May meeting to have the raffle. If you don't think you can sell them by the April meeting, please bring them in to the March or April meeting so other members can try to sell them.


    From the President of the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club -

    It has been brought to my attention that several gun clubs have been broken into. I am asking those who live near the Club and are visiting Middleburgh to please stop by and check it out. If you feel there is an intrusion, do NOT enter the scene but immediately call 911. These officers are great at what they do.

    To those using the club - Please make sure the entire facility is secure before you leave. Thank you!

    - Joe Kopacz, President


    From the desk of the President of the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club -

    A special election to fill the vacant Assembly seat left by Peter Lopez will take place on April 24th, 2018. Mount up, ride, and vote! Pass the word to family, friends, and neighbors.

    - Joe Kopacz, President


    Youth archery for Saturday March 3rd is CANCELLED due to snow. Please spread the word to anyone else that needs to know. Sorry for the inconvenience but safety comes first!


    If you have Spring raffle tickets, please try to have them all sold by the April meeting. All tickets must be sold by the May meeting to have the raffle. If you don't think you can sell them by the April meeting, please bring them in to the March or April meeting so other members can try to sell them.


    New events -

  • February 18th, 11AM-3PM - Indoor Combat Shoot - more info here.
  • March 24th, Noon - Youth Archery Banquet
  • Hunter Safety Courses in April, check the calendar for dates. You have to sign up online, but remember the course is free so if you're being asked to pay you're in the wrong place!
  • May 5th, 11AM-1PM - Eddie Eagle firearm safety
  • June 10th, 2PM-4PM - Invitational .22 Shoot
  • August 17th, 12PM-5PM - Cub Scout event - ALL RANGES CLOSED

    Remember to always check the calendar or the MRGC Facebook Page for the most current info.


    There will be a work day on Saturday, January 20th. Help is needed to clean the lead out and replace the sand in the bullet traps in the indoor pistol range. Also you will be helping install small metal plates to the floor joists to deflect any stray bullets into the bullet traps.


    Please bring gloves and eye protection. If you have any question, please contact Ted Scheireck at (518) 827-5057.


    There is a Spring gun raffle and the proceeds will go to finish the new outdoor pistol range. Tickets can be purchased from club members. Only 500 tickets sold! Check out the details here.


    From the desk of the President -

    To all the members... I'd like to say... your Club... is something to be proud of. Our youth programs are second to none. Our support of Law Enforcement is evident. Indeed, our involvement with Boy Scouts, Girl Scounts, 4H, and Camp Colby, DEC Youth Camp...is what we take pride in. The connection we have to our community is strong and appreciated. Your Executive Committee and Executive Board are dedicated and motivated to move this outstanding organization forward with public events, as well as scheduled supervised shoots. I would like to thank each member for their continuing support of the Club and look forward to a productive year ahead.

    - Joe Kopacz, President


    Club dues for 2018 are being increased. The new rates are as follows:

    - A single membership is going up from $50 to $65.

    - A family membership is going from $70 to $85.

    - The non-refundable application fee is $25, to cover the cost of a background check.

    - The fee to purchase a key card is going from $16 to $20.

    Also, please remember that per the Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club Bylaws - Article V, Section 2 - Payment of Dues:

    Members not paid by the March meeting will be dropped from the Club roster. A member can be reinstated for a fee of $25.00 plus the cost of yearly dues, if applied for by the June meeting of the same year.


    There is a center fire pistol indoor combat silhouette shoot on Sunday, January 28th from 10AM until 2PM. The cost is $5 per shoot.





  • Any questions or comments regarding the club or the website can be sent to info@middleburghrg.com.