Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club


Directions to the Club

Indoor Centerfire Combat Pistol Shoot

Full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds are allowed, but lead ammo is preferred and appreciated. NO MAGNUM ROUNDS, target loads only.

You will need 2 magazines and 31 rounts for a course of fire, and will be shooting at a silhouette turning target.

The course of fire will be:

Commands will be the same as our .22 bulls eye shoot. Scoring will be 31 shots on 1 target.

The cost is $5.00 for one round. If you want to shoot a second round, it will be an additional $2 per round to cover the cost of targets. All money goes to the Club to keep the ranges operating.

Target paper size is 19" wide, 27" high, with a scoring area that is 10.5" wide and 21" high.

Outdoor Plate Shoot

You will need 150 rounds and either 3 magazines for double stacks or 4 magazines for single stack. Wheelguns can have 4 speedloaders.

No magnum or bottleneck rounds allowed.

Eye and ear protection is required for yourself and any guests watching.

The cost is $10.00 and all money goes to the Club to keep the ranges operating.


Black Powder Muzzleloader Shoots


Venison Donation Coalition

Participating Processors in Schoharie County are:

Bleau's  Deer Processing; Gallupville, NY 12157; (518) 872-9044

Marlow's Meet Processing; Howe's Cave NY 12092; (518) 296-8978